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  • MLIN World News

    • Keyboard warriors: South Korea, U.S. gear up for war games to counter North Korea threat
      SEOUL (Reuters) - In air conditioned bunkers and at military bases across South Korea, it is with keyboards - not tanks - that South Korean and the U.S. forces will launch military exercises on Monday, denounced by North Korea as a rehearsal for war.
    • Chinese scam suspects took over 11-story block in Cambodia
      PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - No sooner had the 11-story apartment building in Phnom Penh's affluent Tuol Kouk district been finished than dozens of young Chinese men and women moved in loaded with desks and laptops, said neighbors.
    • Lebanese army launches operation against Islamic State
      BEIRUT (Reuters) - The Lebanese army launched an offensive against an Islamic State enclave on the northeast border with Syria, a Lebanese security source said on Saturday, as Hezbollah and the Syrian army announced an assault from the Syrian side of the border.
    • Venezuela faces outrage after new assembly takes legislative power
      CARACAS/BOGOTA (Reuters) - Venezuela's new legislative superbody was criticized by South American governments and Washington on Friday after giving itself the power to pass laws, superseding the opposition-led congress while ex-top prosecutor Luisa Ortega fled the country.
    • Trump makes no decision on Afghanistan strategy
      HAGERSTOWN, Md./WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump reviewed an array of options for a strategy on Afghanistan with his top national security aides, but made no decision on whether he would commit more troops to America's longest war.